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                                     Tournament Information

The tournaments are team formatted ( 2 persons ), however an angler may fish alone. These tournaments will pay back 100% of the entry money put in be the anglers. The fees are $ 50.00 per team. $ 4.00 of this will go to the big fish pot, $ 1.00 will go to the points race, and $ 5.00 will go to the end of the year Classic. There will also be a one time a year membership fee of $ 5.00 per angler (including Subs). This money will go towards the points race. If a team has the heaviest 1 crappie at least 1.5 lbs. they win the Big Fish Pot total at that tournament. If no team has a crappie at least 1.5 lbs. the money will carry over to the next tournament. If no team wins the Big Fish Pot at the last regular tournament, the money will be given away at the Classic with no weight limit. Teams will earn points at each tournament fished. 10 points for entering a tournament, 1 point for each fish weighed in, 2 point bonus for 1st place. Place points start at 50 and drop 1 for each place. At least 1 fish must be weighed to receive place points. The pay outs will be as follows: 1-9 teams 1 spot, 10-14 teams 2 spots 15-19 teams 3 spots and so on up to 10 spots. Teams may sign up in advanced at the Outdoorsman or on the day of the tournament 6:15 to 6:30 AM (for the spring tournaments). 6:45 to 7:00 AM (for the fall tournaments). The Classic tournament must be signed up by the Monday before the tournament for those who qualify. Entry forms may be downloaded from or picked up at the Outdoorsman. If you have any questions or comments call the Outdoorsman @ 419-394-5769 or Jeff @ 419-305-8762

                             Click HERE to see the official rules

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