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June 3 2018 is in the books and your winners are
1st Place3 Jue 3rd GLCS
The team of Mihm and Page (Page not present)

2nd Place
2nd Place June 3rd Grand Lake Crappie Series Tournament
The team of Shroyer and Puthoff

3rd Place
3rd Place June 3rd Grand Lake Crappie Series Tournament
The team of Gueen and Richey

Here is the entire of the field
Benji Mihm / Nick Page 8 6.33 1st
Mark  Puthoff / Mike Shroyer 8 6.27 2nd
Frank Richey /  Gheen 8 6.23 3rd
Joe Vanover / Troy Zimmerman 8 6.18 4th
Dustin Chrisman / Austin Chrisman 8 6.04 5th
John Pruitt / Bruce Menchofer 8 5.82 6th
Scott Bird II / Jake Moyar 8 5.25 7th
Phil Stone / Dustin Fast 8 5.25 7th
Herb  Richey / Jeanetta Mack 8 5.19 9th
Kiven Nagel / Dale Bowertsock 8 4.65 10th
Mark Tilton / Kyle  Tilton 8 4.35 11th
Ryan Kennedy / Scott Sipe 6 4.32 12th
Andy Ball / AJ Mast 4 2.5 13th
Jeff Toben / Mike Bell 1 0.55 14th
Jim Engstrom / Irvin Coats      

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