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Eastside Bait & B&M Crappie Baits CLASSIC
Oct 28th & 29th
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Remember you must be signed up by the Monday before the Classic

Eastside Baits & B&M Crappie Baits Classic Pot $ 1175.00.
As of the third tournament

Here are your Classic Qualifiers
 Vanover /  Zimmerman
 Fast /  Stone
 Sielschott /  Sielschott
 Shroyer /  Puthoff
 Tilton /  Tilton
 Christman /  Mast
 Menchofer /  Menchofer
 Mihm /  Becker
 Peterson /  Bowers
 Wycuff /  Skeens
 Simonson /  Simonson
 Miller /  Miller
 Pruit /  Storer
 Bruns /  Bruns
 Shaffer /  Kuhn
 Engstrum /  Chapman
 Hoenie /  Hoenie
 Ferrynan /  Edwards
 Pond /  Stant

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