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                                   Tournament Information

The tournaments are team formatted ( 2 persons ), however an angler may fish alone. These tournaments will pay back 100% of the entry money put in by the anglers. The fees are $ 60.00 per team. $ 5.00 of this will go to the big fish pot, $ 5.00 will go to the Freedom Outdoors Points Race, and $ 5.00 will go to the end of the year B&M Baits and Eastside Bait & Tackle Classic. If a team has the heaviest 1 crappie they win the Big Fish Pot at that tournament.Teams will earn points at each tournament fished. 10 points for entering a tournament, 1 point for each fish weighed in, 2 point bonus for 1st place. Place points start at 50 and drop 1 for each place. At least 1 fish must be weighed to receive place points. The pay outs will be as follows: 1-5 teams 1 spot, 6-9 teams 2 spots 10-14 teams 3 spots, 15-19 teams 4 spots and so on up to 10 spots. All teams must be signed up by the end of business at Eastside Bait the day before the tournament. The B&M Baits and Eastside Bait & Tackle Classic tournament must be signed up by the Monday before the tournament for those who qualify. Entry forms may be downloaded from The weigh-ins will be held at Little Chickasaw Ramp. If you have any questions or comments call Bruce@ 419-953-7571

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